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by Cathrin Elenor Nørgaard
Hverdags Magi

12. ft. Anelogi about music, going for your dreams, trusting your path and finding your own way to express your creativity


12. (English interview begins at 3:00 min / intro is in danish)

In this special (english) episode I have the honour to speak with a dear artist and friend of mine. Anne Geertsen is the woman behind Anelogi – Beautiful and dreamy nordic soul!

Anne is a great musician, pianist, composer and creative soul, and I feel super excited to share this episode with you today. We talk about how and when her interest in music began. How her journey becoming an artist has been and what kind of obstacles she has met through the years.

We talk about trusting your own path. To get to know yourself through your art / expression and finding out what works for you and what doesn’t. In other words, finding your own voice and your own unique way of expression.

At the end of this episode I will share Anne’s new single “Ladies”. It is actually a pre-release, so get ready for some brand new and beautiful tunes from Anelogi.

As always my podcast will start in danish, but you can go directly to the English interview at 3:00 min ;)

Here you can find Anne / Anelogi and her music:



Jingle: Mai Skjødt & Anne Bech Hald


Episode 12

by Cathrin Elenor Nørgaard