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NÜ EARTH with Nixie Marie

222: How to Raise Your Frequency with Biji from Love All 5D


Biji's expertise in frequency training from her 10+ years of daily spiritual practice is the key to her mastery. She shares Divine wisdom with the world through ancient and cutting-edge quantum healing modalities, shamanic medicine and, tantric yoga to support clients with their embodiment work of activating their highest, organic Source coding. For the past decade, Biji and her beloved Mikko, have been assisting thousands of lightworkers, healers, coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs from across the planet transform their frequency and become conscious creators of their reality.

What we chat about:

  • How to optimize your frequency for ultimate success
  • How to raise your frequency 
  • What is 5D consciousness and how to we obtain it
  • What does 5D consciousness have to do with the New Earth
  • How shifting our consciousness creates new frequencies on earth
  • What is available for us when we fully shift into 5D

Learn more about Biji https://www.loveall5d.com/


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