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  1. Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast

    1.Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast

    All the latest episodes of the Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast, a weekly ‘actual play’ podcast following a group of comedians as they play original, extended, table-top Role-Playing Games. Expect epic battles, critical misses and the occasional special guest as the party strive for fame and glory whilst cracking wise and trying not to kill one another. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  2. Kinda Funny Gamescast: Video Game Podcast

    2.Kinda Funny Gamescast: Video Game Podcast

    Weekly video game reviews, previews, and analysis of the biggest topics in gaming, covering the latest in PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and more! Hosted by Tim Gettys, Greg “GameOverGreggy” Miller, Blessing Adeoye, and Andy Cortez. Watch the free video version at YouTube.com/KindaFunnyGames

  3. Tuned In

    3.Tuned In

    High Performance Academy Presents: Tuned In. A podcast interviewing influential people from around the world at the top of their respected fields. Covering topics such as Tuning, Performance Engine Building, Automotive/Motorsport Wiring, Data Analysis, Driver coaching/Training, Motorsport Fabrication and Car Setup.

  4. Red Moon Roleplaying

    4.Red Moon Roleplaying

    We are an ENnie-award winning podcast that plays roleplaying games set in dark worlds.

  5. The yapp's Podcast

    5.The yapp's Podcast

    oil in coolant

  6. Why Women Grow

    6.Why Women Grow

    'These rich and intimate conversations offer new perspectives on our interactions with nature' - The FT I’m Alice Vincent and I’ve been on a quest to understand why women go to ground when there’s so much else to do. In Why Women Grow I have inspiring conversations with designers, chefs, entrepreneurs, and writers in their gardens. This isn’t a podcast about gardening. Sure there’s bit of that but we discuss resistance, motherhood, spirituality, saving the planet and much more. These stories made me think differently about what it is to grow, and I think they’ll do that for you, too.

  7. No One Can Know About This: A Podcast Where We Play Every Final Fantasy

    7.No One Can Know About This: A Podcast Where We Play Every Final Fantasy

    A podcast where we play every Final Fantasy, using recordings from actual play sessions mixed with commentary from our future selves. Hosted by Jeff Eckman and Ryan Kasmiskie. Contact: nockatpodcast@gmail.com or @NOCKATpodcast, or support the show at patreon.com/nockat! Merch: etsy.com/shop/nockat

  8. Ludology


    Welcome to Ludology, an analytical discussion of the how’s and why’s of the world of board games. Rather than news and reviews, Ludology explores a variety of topics about games from a wider lens, and discusses game history, game design and game players. Ludology is part of The Dice Tower Network, the premier board game media network.

  9. Critical Role

    9.Critical Role

    Welcome to Critical Role, home of a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors playing tabletop roleplaying games! Enter a world of glorious imagination and improvisation with a group of the finest collaborative storytellers around. Here you’ll find our TTRPG and adjacent shows, including Critical Role, Exandria Unlimited, 4-Sided Dive, and a growing selection of one-shots.

  10. We Got The Chocolates

    10.We Got The Chocolates

    We have travelled around the world dreaming of playing sport professionally... and we never made it. However, if there is one skill we have acquired it’s the art of being a great team-mate. We create content for the kid in every adult! There are Dad Jokes, fun games and plenty of chat about the things that made us laugh this week.  We know life gets busy, so this is our way of bringing you along for a chuckle. So grab a beer, coffee or glass of wine and join us for the fun.  Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  11. Past Gas by Donut Media

    11.Past Gas by Donut Media

    Donut Media brings you some of the craziest stories from all of automotive history in their new podcast "Past Gas!". Hosts James Pumphrey, Nolan Sykes and Joe Weber walk you through incredible stories behind your favorite cars and manufacturers, like underground Japanese racing clubs, bitter racing rivalries and how some of your favorite classic cars came to be. Remember, it's about cars, not about farts. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4  For advertising opportunities please email PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com    Privacy Policy: https://www.studio71.com/us/terms-and-conditions-use/#Privacy%20Policy

  12. ClutterBug Podcast - Organize, Clean and Transform your Home

    12.ClutterBug Podcast - Organize, Clean and Transform your Home

    Are you ready to declutter, organize, clean and take back control of your home?! You are in the right place! Clutterbug shares home organizing tips, tricks and advice to help you kick clutter to the curb for good. Cas provides her expertise as the host of HGTV’s Hot Mess House, through her YouTube channel Clutterbug, and in her best-selling books. Join Cas‘ top top rated podcast to show you how to get rid of clutter, learn how to organize your home and simplify your life! Learn all about the Clutterbug™ Organizing styles @ http://clutterbug.com

  13. Echoes of History

    13.Echoes of History

    Inspired by Ubisoft’s famous video game series “Assassin’s Creed”, the “Echoes of History” podcast offers a deep and fascinating dive into history. Through storytellers and historians, discover the most epic mythologies, relive the most important times of our history and meet the most extraordinary characters. With “Echoes of History”, the past has never been more alive (www.assassinscreed.com). An original Ubisoft series. If you liked this podcast please subscribe, share, rate & review. To find out more go to www.assassinscreed.com or find us on Facebook & Twitter. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  14. Game Scoop!

    14.Game Scoop!

    IGN.com shoots a week’s worth of gaming news straight into your ear!

  15. We Say Things - an esports and Dota podcast with SUNSfan & syndereN

    15.We Say Things - an esports and Dota podcast with SUNSfan & syndereN

    SUNSfan & syndereN tackle tough issues in the esports realm, with an emphasis on Dota 2. They also talk about a lot of random crap.

  16. 16.WhatCulture Gaming

    Weekly gaming podcasts from WhatCulture.com bringing you the best insider perspectives, breaking news, interviews, discussions, quizzes and much more! Podcast theme music by Transistor.fm. Learn how to start a podcast here. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  17. The Smoking Tire

    17.The Smoking Tire

    Matt Farah and Zack Klapman sit down with automotive icons, pro drivers, comedians and other friends to discuss automotive industry news, racing, projects and whatever else comes to mind. Watch our car reviews at www.youtube.com/thesmokingtire Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Rent or buy our movies!, where we find out if some bad CraigsList cars can cross an entire US State, off-road!https://vimeo.com/thesmokingtire

  18. IGN Game and Entertainment News

    18.IGN Game and Entertainment News

    IGN is the ultimate gaming and entertainment resource featuring award-winning coverage of video games, movies, TV shows, comics, tech and more.

  19. Spike's Car Radio

    19.Spike's Car Radio

    Cars, Coffee and Comedy hosted by comedian and automotive enthusiast Spike Feresten and featuring Jerry Seinfeld, lawyer Paul Zuckerman, MotorTrend's Jonny Lieberman, and The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah with guests from the automotive industry, notable comedians and celebrities. As always, there's one empty chair at Spike's table saved for you, the listener.

  20. Greetings Adventurers - Dungeons and Dragons 5e Actual Play

    20.Greetings Adventurers - Dungeons and Dragons 5e Actual Play

    The Dungeons and Dragons Podcast Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  21. The Easy Allies Podcast

    21.The Easy Allies Podcast

    We discuss the week's headlines, answer listener questions, and keep a running tally of stupid bets.

  22. Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast

    22.Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast

    Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast is a weekly show all about PS5, PS4, PS Vita, and PSVR. Co-hosted by games industry veteran Colin Moriarty, comedian Chris "Ray Gun" Maldonado, and Dustin Furman, Sacred Symbols aims to both inform and entertain, going through the news of the day, scouring the most recent games, and taking plenty of questions and comments from the audience. New episodes post each Monday. To get early access to each episode, support the show on Patreon at patreon.com/laststandmedia. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4  For advertising opportunities please email PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com    Privacy Policy: https://www.studio71.com/us/terms-and-conditions-use/#Privacy%20Policy

  23. Hey Riddle Riddle

    23.Hey Riddle Riddle

    Riddles! Puzzles! WhoDunnits! Adal Rifai, Erin Keif and John Patrick Coan, three of Chicago's most overrated improvisers, are on the case to solve every riddle, puzzle, brain-teaser, and head-scratcher known to humanity. Some riddles are almost impossible, some are absolutely improbable, and some simply have not aged well. And if you don't like riddles, don't worry! This podcast is barely about them! Like what you hear? Join the Clue Crew for weekly bonus episodes at Patreon.com/heyriddleriddle

  24. Lorehammer - A Warhammer 40k Podcast

    24.Lorehammer - A Warhammer 40k Podcast

    Lorehammer is a podcast that focuses on the lore of the Warhammer 40k setting. In each episode we talk about a specific aspect of the universe, sharing known information followed by a discussion portion. Easily digestible, informative and entertaining, welcome to Lorehammer. Find Comixology on Kindle here https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/cu/signup?ref=cmx_mtg_pd_cu_RC

  25. Nontendo Podcast

    25.Nontendo Podcast

    Nontendo Podcast is a weekly Nintendo podcast, hosted by Wood from Beatemups and Bob from Wulff Den.

  26. Podcast Beyond - IGN's PlayStation Show

    26.Podcast Beyond - IGN's PlayStation Show

    Beyond is IGN’s flagship PlayStation show, the place where we break down all the latest Sony news and announcements, share our impressions on what we’re playing - new and old - but most importantly, celebrate the fun and camaraderie of gaming.

  27. BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Podcast

    27.BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Podcast

    Join the team from BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine as we share lively conversation about all things gardening. We’ll be exploring growing for health and for wildlife, success with homegrown food and flowers, making a thriving garden for you and your family to enjoy, plus how to green up your indoors, and much more. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or are just setting out on your growing journey, we promise you an enjoyable – and useful – escape into gardening with every episode.

  28. IGN UK Podcast

    28.IGN UK Podcast

    Hear the magic that happens when all members of the IGN UK team run head first at each other to chat about video games, movies, TV shows and weird things they've put in their mouths.

  29. The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)

    29.The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)

    Your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news and interviews with industry veterans. New episodes released every Friday!

  30. Midweek Metagame

    30.Midweek Metagame

    Join Gabriel Nassif, Patrick Robertson & HarryMTG every Wednesday to breakdown their recent testing and opinions on popular topics in Magic: the Gathering! Midweek Metagame is proudly sponsored by Cardmarket.

  31. The Collecting Cars Podcast with Chris Harris

    31.The Collecting Cars Podcast with Chris Harris

    The Collecting Cars Podcast is hosted by founder and motoring enthusiast Edward Lovett and Motoring’s Chris Harris, in conversation with a stellar cast of car loving guests. An often funny, always frank show, full of insightful discussion about all things automotive. Mixed & Produced by Jonny Bunyan @ Pardon Our French Productions

  32. HLTV Confirmed - CS:GO Podcast

    32.HLTV Confirmed - CS:GO Podcast

    HLTV.org's live talk show hosted by Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill dedicated to hot topics surrounding the professional Counter-Strike scene. https://twitch.tv/hltvorg

  33. AvTalk - Aviation Podcast

    33.AvTalk - Aviation Podcast

    An aviation podcast from Flightradar24, the world’s most popular flight tracking service.

  34. Trash Taste Podcast

    34.Trash Taste Podcast

    Trash Taste is the premiere anime podcast exploring anime, manga, and otaku culture with top anime YouTubers: Joey from The Anime Man, Garnt from Gigguk, and Connor from Cdawgva, and occasionally special guests. For advertising opportunities please email: PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com   We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4  Privacy Policy: https://www.studio71.com/us/terms-and-conditions-use/#Privacy%20Policy

  35. Sustainable Minimalists

    35.Sustainable Minimalists

    Creating eco-friendly, minimalist homes (without the extra work).

  36. Decorating Tips and Tricks

    36.Decorating Tips and Tricks

    Decorating tips and advice to help you create a beautiful home. Listening is like hiring a decorator, but it is free! Free and fun ~ lots of laughs mixed in with practical, useful & stylish decorating advice. Pull up a chair and join us!

  37. The Last of Us Podcast

    37.The Last of Us Podcast

    Discussing The Last of Us - news, analysis, speculation and more! Produced by the The Topic Network, created by Albert Chessa. We are 100% community-supported and created over many hours, so if you enjoy what we do, consider donating to patreon.com/topicnetwork (which lets you join the show) and ko-fi.com/topicnetwork (where you can have your question answered). Any help would be truly appreciated. Thanks!

  38. Talk Travel Asia

    38.Talk Travel Asia

    With more than 40-collective years living and working in Asia, co-hosts Trevor Ranges and Scott Coates know the ins and outs of travel in the region, and love sharing them. Having spent over a decade as a travel writer for the likes of National Geographic and Fodors, Trevor implicitly understands how to see and figure a destination out. Scott has spent much of his time crafting bespoke adventures as the co-founder of a luxury travel company and knows how to make travel truly flow. Whether traveling as pros or exploring as amateurs, they share their passion for travel in Asia with you on Talk Travel Asia.

  39. CarStuff


    Did Bonnie and Clyde really write to Henry Ford to thank him for his fast, reliable getaway cars? Do you ever wonder what happens at the DirtFish Rally School? What's a tether car? The CarStuff show has explored these and literally hundreds of other fascinating topics to explain how some of the most amazing machines on land, sea and air actually work. So whether you want to know more about hearses or circus trains, salt flat racers or the popemobile, Scott Benjamin has you covered.

  40. The No Sleep Podcast

    40.The No Sleep Podcast

    In my podcast you will be listening to blood chilling stories of personal experience, myths, creepypasta, and stories summited by you

  41. PlayStation Access

    41.PlayStation Access

    We are PlayStation Access. Celebrating everything from the world of PlayStation, our podcast is dedicated to the joy of videogames; whether that's in detailed breakdowns of the latest releases or having a laugh with our brilliant community. Expect news and nonsense in equal measure. PlayStation Access is the official YouTube channel of PlayStation UK - a vibrant, welcoming community celebrating all things PlayStation. Join us for weekly livestreams, list features and in-depth coverage on all your favourite games. More from the PlayStation Access team: Ash's Twitter: http://twitter.com/ashmillman Dave's Twitter: http://twitter.com/DavidJackson_85 Rob's Twitter: http://twitter.com/rob_pearson86 Rosie's Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rosie_Caddick Use the hashtag #PodSquad on social media to send in your comments! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  42. Frame Trap

    42.Frame Trap

    We speak more specifically about what each guest is playing and tackle a big central topic. Comes out every other Thursday.

  43. The Declutter Hub Podcast

    43.The Declutter Hub Podcast

    Achieving the clutter-free organised home of your dreams can be a tough, emotional journey. Decluttering is never about the stuff. It's all about the emotions that sit behind the stuff. In this podcast, we bring a bit of light-hearted fun to the serious business of decluttering with hints, tips, insights and guest experts to help you every step of the way.

  44. Talking Heads - a Gardening Podcast

    44.Talking Heads - a Gardening Podcast

    Follow head gardeners Saul Walker and Lucy Chamberlain as they reveal exactly what it’s like to be professional horticulturists leading busy teams on large, private estates. Lucy and Saul have a decade of Head Gardening experience and it soon became clear to them both that life as a Head Gardener can be incredibly diverse, occasionally challenging and hugely rewarding and so they regularly discuss horticultural topics close to their hearts and give you an insight into their lives as gardeners. If you wish to support the podcast you can via our BuyMeACoffee page - just click the link at the end of the podcast description or the donate button found at the top right of this page.

  45. The Full Tank Motorcycle Podcast

    45.The Full Tank Motorcycle Podcast

    A regular discussion of the biggest and most interesting motorcycle news stories with Rob of the YouTube channel Motobob, and Tim from Rarefied Road.

  46. Garagehammer – A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Podcast

    46.Garagehammer – A Warhammer Age of Sigmar Podcast

    Garagehammer – A Warhammer: Age of Sigmar podcast featuring news, reviews, rumors and updates about Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, brought to you twice a month by David Witek. We will often delve into other games systems and various fandoms depending on the whims of the host.

  47. The Spawn Chunks - A Minecraft Podcast

    47.The Spawn Chunks - A Minecraft Podcast

    The Spawn Chunks is a podcast all about Minecraft. We dig into Minecraft related news and development snapshots, explore game content and the Minecraft community, and craft our personal thoughts and experiences about the game we love.

  48. Drama Time

    48.Drama Time

    Drama stories of woe, unluck and pure stupidity in MMORPG's, sent in by players and retold by Preach. Catch the show live on Fridays at 4PM BST at twitch.tv/preachlfw.

  49. Unprepared Casters

    49.Unprepared Casters

    The DnD podcast where you never need to catch up! Each arc of Unprepared Casters tells a different story, in a different style, with a different party. Even the Dungeon Master changes, as hosts Haley and Gus pass the hot seat back and forth and spin off each other's adventures. Friends of the hosts and fellow DnD content creators feature as guests as we build out a world together and explore the many different ways DnD can be enjoyed. If you like the show, please consider supporting us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/unpreparedcasters Follow us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/unprepcasters Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unpreparedcasters

  50. For Azeroth!: A World of Warcraft Podcast

    50.For Azeroth!: A World of Warcraft Podcast

    A podcast featuring the news, lore, resources, and community feedback about Blizzard's premier World of Warcraft MMORPG. Go beyond the headlines and weekly events with Manny Thomas!

  51. Rope Podcast

    51.Rope Podcast

    Podcast by rope partners Fox and Mya, The Rope Podcast is an adult podcast about rope bondage, Shibari and Kinbaku. Listen for discussions of ties, rope topics and news, interviews, reviews of events and rope gear, and listener questions.

  52. The Wheeler Dealer

    52.The Wheeler Dealer

    Get closer to the Wheeler Dealer, Mike Brewer, with his new podcast where Mike offers his thoughts on the world of cars from a lifetime in the industry. Alongside his good friend, broadcaster Andy Jaye, Mike will be chatting to famous faces about their fantasy road-trips, responding to the latest motoring news, and answering the questions you want to ask. Follow Mike’s social channels @mikebrewer on Instagram and Twitter and Wheeler Dealer on Facebook to be the first to know when a new episode drops, and click the follow button on this podcast to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

  53. The Competitive Warhammer 40K Podcast

    53.The Competitive Warhammer 40K Podcast

    Welcome to the competitive 40k podcast brought to you by Vanguard Tactics. This is a Warhammer 40K podcast where we analyse the meta and develop strategies to help you become a competitive 40k player. I am your host Stephen Box and it is my mission to raise the standard of the game both on and off the table-top.

  54. The Stationery Cafe

    54.The Stationery Cafe

    Sip your coffee and listen to a conversation about journaling, planners, and the latest in the stationery community!

  55. Limited Resources

    55.Limited Resources

    A weekly podcast dedicated to improving your play at Magic: The Gathering with an emphasis on Limited play.

  56. The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast

    56.The Official Red Chip Poker Podcast

    This is the podcast for poker players looking for coaching on the go. Learn new plays, powerful concepts, and gain insights from coaches who play your games. If you're looking for even more content and a community of poker players who are ready to help you improve, join us at redchippoker.com. Enjoy the show!

  57. The Honest Wargamer

    57.The Honest Wargamer

    Podcast by The Honest Wargamer

  58. Frontline Gaming Network

    58.Frontline Gaming Network

    This is the main feed for the entire Frontline Gaming Network lineup of podcasts. Subscribe to never miss an episode of Signals from the Frontline! New episodes weekly, covering every aspect of Warhammer 40,000 and competitive play.

  59. Gardeners' Corner

    59.Gardeners' Corner

    The weekly gardening programme for keen gardeners, with the latest advice, news and visits to gardens large and small around the province. Presented by David Maxwell.

  60. The Command Zone

    60.The Command Zone

    Your weekly source for all things Commander (aka EDH), a multiplayer Magic: The Gathering format, with hosts Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai. Focused on all aspects of gameplay and strategy from table politics, budget builds, to deck building and more! commandzonecast@gmail.com We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4  For advertising opportunities please email PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com    Privacy Policy: https://www.studio71.com/us/terms-and-conditions-use/#Privacy%20Policy

  61. PS I Love You XOXO: PlayStation Podcast by Kinda Funny

    61.PS I Love You XOXO: PlayStation Podcast by Kinda Funny

    The podcast for PlayStation fans. We’re giving PlayStation-focused insight on PlayStation news, we're reveling in nostalgia, and we're making predictions about the future. It’s granular about the PlayStation ecosystem. Hosted by Greg “GameOverGreggy” Miller and Blessing Adeoye. Watch the free video version at YouTube.com/KindaFunnyGames

  62. The Official Xbox Podcast

    62.The Official Xbox Podcast

    * * The only podcast directly from Xbox at Microsoft * * Previously known as Major Nelson Radio Join Larry Hryb, Xbox's Major Nelson, Jeff Rubenstein and Rebecca Gordius as they discuss the latest Xbox news, share interviews with top gaming and technology personalities and give you a first hand glimpse into what it is like to work at Xbox and Microsoft. This is the only Xbox Podcast straight from the source. Listen to the official Xbox Podcast and hear what it is like to work on hardware, games and services that reach millions of gamers around the globe. Email: Major@Xbox.com

  63. The Football Manager Show by The Athletic

    63.The Football Manager Show by The Athletic

    Struggling with Football Manager? Leaking goals and dropping points? You need The Football Manager Show. Every week, Tony Jameson and Arron Falloon speak to the people who know the game best; the people who literally made the game. We give you the lowdown on tactics, recruitment, training, and anything else that might give you an edge. Don't sigh and quit without saving. Get better. Listen now.

  64. Arena Decklists

    64.Arena Decklists

    We create the best Magic: the Gathering content for competitive players, focusing primarily on the various constructed formats!

  65. Wood Talk | Woodworking

    65.Wood Talk | Woodworking

    A woodworking show for modern woodworkers and makers. Join Marc Spagnuolo, Shannon Rogers, and Matt Cremona for a light-hearted look at the latest news, tips, and tricks from the world of woodworking.

  66. Tales from the Stinky Dragon

    66.Tales from the Stinky Dragon

    A D&D podcast from Rooster Teeth! Our brave adventurers have answered the call...to be interns for the super hero group, the Infinights! Little do they know that the Infinights are in danger and our hapless interns may be their only hope for salvation. Can the interns save the Infinights AND master a triple shot vanilla almond latte with extra foam?

  67. One Stop Co-Op Shop

    67.One Stop Co-Op Shop

    One Stop Co-Op Shop is a podcast about cooperative boardgames. This podcast has revolving hosts every other week. Every other week we take one game and break it down to it's top 5 points (the good, the bad and our overall impressions). After we discuss the game we have a design discussion about one of the parts of the game. This podcast is hosted by Peter Gousis and Michael Kelley. On the other weeks Steve Kingsley and a rotating co-host do a top 5 review and have a related discussion. Jason Perez has episodes on Wednesdays focusing more on Solo gaming, with a lean toward Co-Op solos. To see our other content check out the links below: YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrOtGhui_jdLdoQNI7PU4Pg and https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPCIkULbgzMEW612cSdUX7Q Podcast - https://soundcloud.com/onestopcoopshop Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/onestopcoopshop Discord - https://discord.gg/p4jX8AF Facebook - www.facebook.com/onestopcoopshop Donate to One Stop Co-op Shop - https://www.patreon.com/onestop Email - onestopcoopshop@gmail.com

  68. Talking Gardens

    68.Talking Gardens

    If you could create your dream garden from pieces of all of your favourite places, and if you could grow any plants in the world, what would you choose? Who would you have as your imaginary head gardener, or garden designer? In Talking Gardens, the podcast from the team behind Gardens Illustrated, host Stephanie Mahon asks the great and the good of the gardening world to construct their ultimate fantasy growing space. Tune in to hear what Great Dixter’s head gardener Fergus Garrett, world-renowned garden designer Tom Stuart-Smith and garden writer Alice Vincent choose for their dream gardens. Discover why head gardener Troy Scott-Smith is no longer watering the borders at Sissinghurst; why herb expert Jekka McVicar loves a moon gate; and how gardening saved the life of Charlie Harpur, head gardener at Knepp Castle Walled Garden. We also learn what ethnobotanist James Wong’s imaginary Eden would look like, and what garden designer Sarah Price would never allow in her garden. Follow now so you never miss an episode.

  69. Tiny House Conversations

    69.Tiny House Conversations

    Australian tiny house podcast. Interviews with experienced tiny housers, tiny builders, adventurers and experts in the tiny world, so you can learn how to start, design and build your tiny house and transition into the tiny lifestyle. Walk alongside Lucy Lichtenstein from www.tinyhouseconversations.com as she also dives deeper into her own tiny house journey to discover all the details of living tiny. If you're considering this way of life, you'll want to listen in to Tiny House Conversations, so you can create your own path of simplicity, freedom, connection and nature-based living on your own terms.

  70. ASMR Miss Mi

    70.ASMR Miss Mi

    My lovelies, a warm whispering WELCOME to my ASMR ❥ Podcast ✨ ♪ MY MAIN ASMR TRIGGERS 🎧 ✨Tapping * Scratching * Whispering * Mouth Sounds * Hair Brushing * Hair Play * Ear to Ear Whisper * Mic Touching * Close-up * Water Games * Personal Attention * & so much more ✨ ♪ SO NOW lean back, simply relax, enjoy & fall asleep 💤

  71. World of Warcraft: Audio Drama

    71.World of Warcraft: Audio Drama

    Blizzard Entertainment presents audio dramas written by Robert Brooks, and narrated by Steven Pacey.

  72. SMX Insider

    72.SMX Insider

    Get all of the insight from the SuperMotocross paddock as we go behind the scenes with SMX Insider!

  73. Talking Dogs with Graeme Hall

    73.Talking Dogs with Graeme Hall

    Words of wisdom on dog training from TV's Graeme Hall.

  74. The One Piece Podcast

    74.The One Piece Podcast

    We are The One Piece Podcast! Since 2009, we’ve gone through the latest One Piece manga chapter and anime episode every week, and we’re not stopping until the end! New episodes publish every Monday!

  75. Inside Battlefield

    75.Inside Battlefield

    Inside Battlefield brings you conversations with the Battlefield development team, covering what is happening in-game right now to deep dives on future Updates, additions and more. See you on the Battlefield! Contact us at podcast@battlefield.com, or @Battlefield on Twitter and Instagram using #InsideBattlefield www.battlefield.com Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  76. The Diablo Show

    76.The Diablo Show

    It's the Diablo Show, with Scott Johnson, creator and host of the top rated WoW show, The Instance. If you love Diablo, then you're home. Enjoy this look at the game and culture surounding everyone's favorite Prime Evil!

  77. Dialed In - Some Obsession Required

    77.Dialed In - Some Obsession Required

    Dialed In is the Obsessed Garage podcast where we explore obsession with all of its advantages and challenges... but especially about cars and garages.

  78. Ultima Final Fantasy | The Ultimate Final Fantasy Podcast

    78.Ultima Final Fantasy | The Ultimate Final Fantasy Podcast

    For over 5 years Ultima Final Fantasy took you on a journey through the entire Final Fantasy series; from the main games that you know and love, to obscure titles such as "My Life as a Darklord". Every game was played and reviewed, every major media release was touched on, and you got to hear all the stories, tangents, and life struggles of the hosts who went through it. For years the show was supported on Patreon, and you got to see goals reached such as multiple "Megadeth" Song Covers of classic Final Fantasy songs, a phone line, and Twitch streaming for the MMO's. All of these things, along with the Patreon Invite episodes, added so much to the show. Now here we are at the end of our journey, the end of the weekly show (although occasionally returning to discuss some of the other FF-related games). The show, and our lives, must go on in a different fashion. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for these amazing years.

  79. Warcraft Reloaded – WoW Classic and Community

    79.Warcraft Reloaded – WoW Classic and Community

    Welcome to Warcraft Reloaded! This is a podcast dedicated World of Warcraft Classic where Blazzinbob, Mel, and CognitivePit discuss what's happening in Wow Classic, TBC Classic, and their experiences.

  80. Art of War - The Competitive 40k Network

    80.Art of War - The Competitive 40k Network

    Art of War - The Competitive 40k Network presents the Art of War and Art of War Down Under podcasts. Art of War - Strategy and tactics, as well as discussion with the best players on the planet. Your Hosts, Steve Joll and John Lennon. Art of War Down Under - Review and disection of content from some of the sharpest minds in the game. Your host Adam Camilleri Art of War Unbroken - Interviews with world class Warhammer 40k players who have taken a loss in a major event. Your hosts Blake Law and Brad Chester

  81. Perfect 10 with Carol Vorderman

    81.Perfect 10 with Carol Vorderman

    10 questions. 10 points. 10 minutes. Hello, I’m Carol Vorderman and welcome to Perfect 10, the daily quiz that’s guaranteed to educate, entertain…and irritate!  Each weekday I’ll have ten questions that’ll really get your synapses firing and maybe get you groaning when I reveal the answers. Make sure you subscribe, follow and ‘like’ to get our episodes as soon as they drop, available through Acast on all major Podcast Channels and our Perfect 10 YouTube Channel.  So, why not join us Monday to Friday on your commute, coffee break or any spare time, I promise after just 10 minutes you’re going to feel sharper and smarter There are 10 points available each day, that’s 50 in a week and our questions are as follows… QUESTION 1 Is what we call our STARTER FOR A PERFECT 10, hopefully one to get you a point on the board straight away. QUESTION 2 You’ll hear sounds that relate to a well-known phrase, item or maybe an individual, in this our HEARSAY round. All you have to do is tell us what it is. For example, if you hear the sound of a Captain speaking from the flight deck and then a Pig grunting, you’d get the answer ‘Pigs Might Fly’. QUESTION 3 is CAROLATERAL THINKING, so pop your brain into the lateral position and think away! QUESTION 4 is our MEMORY GAME. We play a clip designed to overload you with information, all you have to do is retain as much as possible and answer the question that follows. QUESTIONS 5, 6 & 7 are all about the three F’s: FRIVOLOUS, FAMILIAR & FUN. They’re a mix of observation, common knowledge and everyday teasers. QUESTION 8 is called ONE IN, ONE OUT, where I give you a word and ask you to either change or remove a letter/s to create a new one. QUESTION 9 is one of those tips of the tongue teasers that’ll have you saying, I KNOW I KNOW THIS! QUESTION 10 is our final question, giving you time to pause and think about our brain melting RIDDLE. We hope you enjoy our Perfect 10! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  82. Overtime on Inferno - Weekly CSGO News

    82.Overtime on Inferno - Weekly CSGO News

    Get the latest news from professional CS:GO in a short listen with occasional burns. Published weekly by your hosts Logan Ramhap and aizyesque. Powered by TL;DR on CS:GO, the easiest way to follow Counter-Strike in a twice weekly newsletter. Visit readTLDR.com Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/readtldr/support

  83. Hoardganize Podcast

    83.Hoardganize Podcast

    Hoarding Specialist and Extreme Cleaner Rachel Seavey discusses how to help yourself when you are overwhelmed with clutter. Rachel is the owner of Collector Care Professional Organizers located in the San Francisco bay area. Rachel and her team have been featured on the CBS Sunday morning show, The Hoarders show, and the Lady Brain Show. This podcast features organizing tips and hacks as well as true stories from within the trenches. Learn how to tame your clutter so that you can gain control of your life. Sunday's at 6pm!

  84. Hoard Illuminati Podcast

    84.Hoard Illuminati Podcast

    Podcast by Hoard Illuminati

  85. Summoning Insight

    85.Summoning Insight

    Summoning Insight is the premier League of Legends esports podcast brought to you by hosts Duncan "Thorin" Shields and Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles. Guests from League of Legends esports join the podcast every week to give fans the latest insight on games, narratives, and news from around the world.

  86. The Nextlander Podcast

    86.The Nextlander Podcast

    Longtime friends and games media colleagues Vinny Caravella, Brad Shoemaker, and Alex Navarro share their combined decades of knowledge, expertise, and passion for games with weekly discussions about what they're playing, what's happening in the industry, and whatever else they're up to.

  87. A Beautiful Mess Podcast

    87.A Beautiful Mess Podcast

    Elsie + Emma are sisters and co-founders of the top DIY blog — A Beautiful Mess. They have written over seven thousand blog posts, so it seemed like a good time to start a podcast! The sisters have a lot to say on everything from home and DIY to family life and business. Visit abeautifulmess.com/podcast for show notes.

  88. Look Out, Sir! Warhammer 40k Podcast

    88.Look Out, Sir! Warhammer 40k Podcast

    The Look Out, Sir! is a fortnightly (sometimes weekly) Warhammer 40k podcast. Join our hosts Dan and Philip as they discuss all things about the hobby they love. A podcast for all Games Workshop/Warhammer 40,000 hobbyists covering an array of topics with a balanced take on the game between competitive, narrative and fun gaming.

  89. Power On Retro Gaming

    89.Power On Retro Gaming

    A gaming podcast where two mates discuss gaming, life and everything in between.

  90. Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast

    90.Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast

    Ride the Lightning: The Tesla Unofficial Podcast is the world's longest-running weekly Tesla show, made for Tesla fans and owners by Tesla community veteran Ryan McCaffrey. Each week we'll discuss and analyze everything happening with the Cybertruck, Model 3, Model S, Model X, Model Y, Roadster, and more!

  91. Clean With Me

    91.Clean With Me

    Cleaning motivation and entertainment as you trudge through those mundane household chores. Get productive as an understanding host talks you through cleaning each area of your home, keeping you focused and on task. Season 1 was Raani, Season 2 was her daughter, Jessica, and in Season 3 the two hosts alternate. New episodes most Wednesdays. To Support this show on Patreon, Choose Jessica: https://www.patreon.com/join/Cleanwithme OR Raani: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=42177753 Or both.

  92. Real Simple Tips

    92.Real Simple Tips

    Real Simple Tips is your daily news update featuring smart, practical solutions for everyday life, from cleaning and organizing to cooking and home decor.

  93. IGN Game Reviews

    93.IGN Game Reviews

    Reviews for the hottest games of the year from IGN.

  94. The Inverted Castle: A Metroidvania Podcast

    94.The Inverted Castle: A Metroidvania Podcast

    Join two friends as they explore the past and present of the Metroidvania genre of video games.

  95. Adeptus Ridiculous

    95.Adeptus Ridiculous

    Lifelong Warhammer fan Bricky and grimdark greenhorn Dkdiamantes delve into the incredibly vast ocean that is Warhammer 40000 lore in this unofficial Warhammer 40k podcast. From superhuman space warriors to depraved cultists and green-skinned Mad Max rejects, not even the most ridiculous aspects of this setting are off the table for these two mad men.

  96. Remaster


    A show about playing games and making games. Federico and Myke have long been thoughtful observers of the games industry, an industry Shahid has been a part of for over 30 years. Coupling this life-long love of games with a lifetime of experience makes Remaster a show you don’t want to miss. Hosted by Federico Viticci, Shahid Kamal Ahmad, and Myke Hurley.

  97. The Journey On Podcast

    97.The Journey On Podcast

    Embracing the old adage of ‘The Journey is the Destination’ world-renowned horseman Warwick Schiller invites guests to share their stories of personal development and growth both inside and out of the horse world. Powerful conversations and mindful nuggets of wisdom define The Journey On Podcast. ~~~~~ Warwick moved from his home country of Australia in his 20s to the U.S. so he could pursue his dream of training horses. Warwick's accomplishments in the show arena include representing Australia at the 2010 & 2018 World Equestrian Games. The ability to show at the highest level coupled with his ability to develop a strong connection with his horses and ability to break down training information into a relatable, easy to follow process led to the development of his Online Video Library in an effort to help individuals form a better relationship with their horses and a cultivate a deeper understanding of the foundation on which all successful horse training is built.

  98. Whatever Podcast

    98.Whatever Podcast

    Welcome to my podcast where we talk about random things and have fun and share some what podcast story's got a story you want to tell? Than don't be shy come on to the whatever podcast where your story matters!

  99. The Dirt: the gardening podcast from Grow Your Own magazine

    99.The Dirt: the gardening podcast from Grow Your Own magazine

    The fruit and veg gardening podcast from Grow Your Own magazine that celebrates the failures on your allotment as much as the successes!

  100. Friends Per Second

    100.Friends Per Second

    Four nerds. Four microphones. Zero clue what we're talking about.

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