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Maryam Hasnaa Part II: Love Templates For a New Age

Almost 30
Almost 30
Today's heart-filled episode is part two of our in-depth conversation with Maryam Hasnaa, someone that we very much admire and someone whose work has inspired us. It’s a real honor and blessing to share this space with her as she opens up about her mission and message.
She's the creator and founder of New Earth Mystery School and Resonance Apothecary. She's an intuitive, a channel, and energy healer – and she is super, super powerful. 
We talk about the complex energetics of love, relationship templates (old and new), soul contracts, evolving and devolving, and so much more – closing with a reading on 2023 for the collective.
We also talk about:

Evolving (or not) alongside your partner 

Opening up to new relationship templates

Maryam’s relationship experience

Staying on mission with your energy 

Connecting to her vaster self

Old and new relationship templates

It’s about divine union 

Running your own colors

Being a drop in the ocean

Appreciating the beauty around us 

A reading for 2023


Etheric Gardening: An exploration of the mysticism of sound

Website: maryamhasnaa.com

Instagram: @maryamhasnaa

Twitter: @Maryamhasnaa

Resonance Apothecary: resonanceapothecary.com

New Earth Mystery School: maryamhasnaa.com/new-earth-mystery-school

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