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Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr. Kylie

6 Steps to Create Lasting Change with Molly Phair

Health and wellness are almost always on top of every woman's resolutions for the New Year. But they're also the first ones to be skipped when things get really busy. And women are always busy! So how can you fit your fitness goals into your super active lifestyle?

In today's episode, Dr. Kylie interviews Molly Phair, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Personal Fitness Trainer for busy women. She shares her knowledge through her Healthy Happy Whole Method, which advocates progress over perfection. Molly's six-step system fits into your busy lifestyle and is customized to fit your needs. 

If you want a simple and sustainable health and wellness program that eliminates the need for dieting, constant willpower, and spending hours in the gym, this episode will lead you down the right path. 

“You hear the cliche “your health is your best wealth,” well, it really is! At the end of the day, how many medications do you want to be paying for every single month? How many doctors do you want to have?”

-  Molly Phair

In This Episode:

- How did Molly find her path into nutrition and functional medicine?

- About Molly's Six Pillars of Health and the Healthy Happy Whole Program

- What are the six steps to creating lasting change?

- The guiding principles developed by Molly that stabilize the foundation for creating change

- How to pursue your passion without sacrificing your relationship with your spouse 

And more!


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Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr. Kylie
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