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Eurovision Division

All 37 Songs In This Year's Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Division
Eurovision Division

cw: discussion of homophobia & transphobia (47m - 1h:1m)

And so, at long last, we reach that special point in the year when Mira takes over. They've listened to all of these songs multiple times before, and now it's their turn. With a top 37 in hand, we run through all of this years songs, pausing for anecdotes, observations or occasional rants. It's a marathon! It's the spectacular conclusion!

With special shout-outs to:

  • Mr Gerbear (@mr_gerbear on twitter) and their sorting tool at https://esc.gerbear.com/sorter2023.htm
  • dudepoints (@dudepoints on twitter) and their ESC blog at https://dudepoints.fun/

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Eurovision Division
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