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Eurovision Legends

Mrs Einstein

Eurovision Legends
Eurovision Legends

We continue the story of Eurovision 1997 that started in the episodes with Icelandic Paul Oscar and Katrina and the Waves with one of Katrina's vodka suppliers – Marjolein Spijkers from the Dutch group Mrs. Einstein. The theatrical group was selected to perform all of the entries in the Dutch selection, but were they all agreed that they should do it and did the right song really win?

How come they ditched their expensive outfits just one day before the final and when did they opt for going completely nude?

Did their meager five point result affect their careers and are the Granny Spices still going?

This and much more – like porn looks and "Vechny strannik" – in an interview that does not want to end when Marjolein flips the tables and starts to interview Emil.

Legend: Marjolein Spijkers from Mrs Einstein

Song: Niemand heeft nog tijd (The Netherlands)

Host: Emil Löfström

Contact: emil@schlagervannerna.se

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Eurovision Legends
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