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Fun and Gains

2023: our confident year | w/ tiktok sis @goldenfitness

Fun and Gains
Fun and Gains

Prepare to declare 2023 as a year of confidence! Tune in to hear Britt & Golden chit chat about common things gym girlies face on the day to day. From sweat stains to wandering around like a lost puppy, this episode will help you feel less alone in the gym!



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1:20 word of the week: priority

3:00 weekly review

5:00 Golden's path

7:48 finding confidence

10:50 it's all mental/mindset

15:20 discipline

17:00 the fear of getting bulky

19:50 normalize these common gym girl stuggles

21:00 sweating

25:00 it's your world

26:00 failing weight

29:30 ego lifting

32:00 favorite lifts

33:30 this or that: gym edition

33:40 colorful vs black lifting plates

34:15 color vs black gym fits

35:00 shorts vs leggings

36:44 energy drinks vs coffee

38:50 solo vs buddy lifts

40:50 fav genres

39:10 advice for your younger self

44:00 failure

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Fun and Gains
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