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Fun and Gains

adapting to change & making new routines with savannah wright


Join Brittany as she sits down and chats with Savannah Wright. They talk about starting their fitness journey and how to adapt to a busy and changing life. They also discuss making new routines and being "new" to the gym. We also get a sneak peak into their morning and night routines. Movies & Cookies?! Sit back, relax and remember, you are not alone on this journey!


00:30 fun & gains fam love

2:00 tune in every wednesday

2:15 britt’s weekly check-in

2:50 vinny update

3:30 tailgate’n

4:00 halloween

4:40 F&G first guest

6:55 sav’s story

8:20 a new hobby

10:45 from high school sports to the gym

11:55 mistakes Sav made along the way

12:23 unrealistic goals, body image, genetics

13:30 the negative spiral

14:20 sav’s big move

15:15 new cities, new routines

18:25 new gyms

19:25 gym-timidation

23:55 sav’s take on morning routines

25:10 phoneless sundays

25:55 sav’s take on nighttime routines

27:50 britt’s nighttime routine

29:05 nighttime cookies

29:48 ben & jerry’s

32:40 extremes lead to burnouts

33:20 working out for yourself and not for others

34:00 quick fixes + diet culture

34:50 hugs + rewriting the narrative

35:30 finding the middle ground

36:45 fitness shaming

37:50 be you, do you

39:20 where to find more sav

Sav’s Insta: @savwright_

Sav’s YouTube: Savannah Wright

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