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Fun and Gains

balancing college life, routines & transition | w/ Hayden Britt

Fun and Gains
Fun and Gains

This week, Britt sits down with someone who became a fast friend & is an absolute light in this space... Hayden Britt! From middle school, to college athletics, Hayden shares the good, the bad, & the beauty of her fitness journey through routines, healthy habits, rest, life transitions, & more!

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00:40 today's guest

1:14 quick disclaimer for today's episode

1:58 word of the week: communication

3:00 weekly review

5:30 BEAM love

6:55 routines

9:20 Hayden's fitness journey

12:00 *struggling with food & body image*

13:00 recovery through weightlifting

14:40 teaching healthy habits to the next generation

19:15 rest day guilt

22:00 *vulnerable eating disorder chat*

29:00 balance

33:00 grocery shopping

39:00 transitions

42:40 what Hayden would tell her younger self

44:00 where you can find more Hayden

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Fun and Gains
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