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Future of Film Podcast with Alex Stolz

54. HaZ: The Power of Realtime CG Animation


This episode is about how filmmaker HaZ is reinventing his craft through realtime game engine-powered animation. Having originally started his career in VFX, Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulull transitioned to directing and producing, with the Netflix-acquired sci-fi. THE BEYOND. He then followed up with another sci fi feature, 2036 ORIGIN UNKNOWN before directing a major show for Disney, FAST LAYNE. Throughout a career characterised by innovation, HaZ has particularly made use of realtime game engine tools and Unreal Engine. In 2019 at Future of Film Summit , he showcased how these helped unlock finance for his projects through a 'pre-vis to pitch-vis' process. In 2020 he directed the groundbreaking Virtual Production live action short, PERCIVAL with Rebellion Studios. Now, working with a small global team, HaZ is using the same tools to realise his vision through completely animated films. In this conversation, HaZ shares the tools, techniques and workflow he is using to create the latest HaZ Films project, the animated anime feature film RIFT. He also explains how this process is enabling him to retain creative independence and achieve commercial success in the new streaming landscape.