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Episode #77, Business of Biologically Active Compost with Nina Folch of Compost Santo


Today we meet Nina Folch of Compost Santo located in Northern New Mexico. She is a student of the work of Dr. Elaine Ingham and others, and I’m so grateful to her for sharing so openly about the composting business she manages, the things she most loves about this work, and some of the challenges they have faced while the business has grown over three years.

IF you are interested in composting as a business and are are interested in the details of running such an operation, this is an episode for you!

I learned a lot from Nina and will feature the rest of our interview ASAP once it’s completed.

This episode is published on the first Monday of the year, happy new year, and I hope you have all have had a chance to look to the future and do some planning. Now is actually a great time to start composting. in preparation for spring.