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Get In My Garden

Episode #81, Soil Testing For Microbes with Judy Fitzpatrick


Today we meet Judy Fitzpatrick, cofounder of Microbiometer. 

The first few minutes of this episode, Judy shares her back story, her history in medical diagnostics and then about cofounding soil microbial biomass measurement company, Microbiometer.

Judy shares about the distinctions of different available types of soil testing on the market, which is very enlightening.

She explains the process by which scientists breed and study bacteria in the lab setting to create strains with a specific purpose for the garden, or for medicine.

Then we dive more into microbiology, how bacteria breed, how their DNA gets shared around as they adapt to their environment, and so much more.

We learn how to understand the ratio of different fungi and bacteria, how to use this information to gain an ideal soil structure, and how it all works at the microbial level.

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