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by Cass Warbeck
Plant Fueled Podcast

Healing rheumatoid arthritis, eliminating inflammation, and the best diet for your heart with cardiologist Dr. Monica Aggarwal


This conversation is with plant-based cardiologist Dr. Monica Aggarwal. She is an associate professor of medicine in the University of Florida Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and serves as the Director of Integrative Cardiology and Prevention. Dr. Aggarwal specializes in preventative management of heart disease with lifestyle techniques in conjunction with medications where she emphasises plant-based nutrition and utilizes other mind-body techniques like yoga and meditation. Her mission is to educate people on why the modern diet is a problem and how it creates chronic illness. She would like to give people practical tools on how to implement a new and improved diet and lifestyle!

We cover:

  • How she healed her rheumatoid arthritis
  • Genetics vs environment
  • Inflammation is the root of all disease
  • The best diet for heart disease
  • Why you should eliminate red meat
  • How to improve heart failure
  • The importance of hope
  • Breath practices she teaches her patients
  • Advice for women in medicine
  • Lessons from a triathlon

Connect with Dr. Aggarwal: Instagram: @drmonicaaggarwal | Facebook: @monicaaggarwalmd | Twitter: @drmaggarwal

Her personal website: https://www.drmonicaaggarwal.com

Resources mentioned during this episode:

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*Please appreciate that this information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, always seek the opinion of a physician or qualified healthcare provider!*


Episode 7

Season 1

by Cass Warbeck