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Sentimental Garbage

The Nora Ephron Christmas Spectacular! with Ella Risbridger


Nora Ephron is a writer and filmmaker whose fame was huge in her lifetime and has only snow-balled since her death in 2012. Now that her name is on t-shirts, her novel is an established classic, and she's even the subject of fictional renderings ('sup, Good Girls Revolt), is there more to the Ephron legacy than meets the eye? Caroline and Ella pick through her personal life, victories, failings, and many many famous friendships to get to the bottom of the following question: we LOVE Nora Ephron, but do we like her?

Works referenced

Heartburn - Nora Ephron

Sister Mother Husband Dog etc - Delia Ephron

Adventures in the Screen Trade - William Goldman

I Remember Nothing - Nora Ephron

On the Celibate Love Affair of Nora Ephron and Mike Nichols - Richard Cohen

Hanging Up - Delia Ephron

I Feel Bad About My Neck - Nora Ephron

Ella Risbridger is the author of Midnight Chicken, Set Me On Fire and The Secret Detectives

Caroline O'Donoghue is the author of Promising Young Women, Scenes of a Graphic Nature, and All Our Hidden Gifts

This is the last episode of the season! Merry Christmas everyone!

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