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by Avalon Factual
Talking Dogs with Graeme Hall

Episode 16 - Living with Two Dogs


Graeme Hall gives advice to two listeners whose dogs really don’t get on with the other dogs in the house. One is obsessed with humping the pug he sometimes stays with, and the other is a puppy determined to be the boss of two older dogs.

He also explores the questions you’re likely to be asking yourself when you have (or are considering having) more than one dog; does it matter what breeds I’m putting together? How should I introduce them to each other? Is it ever a good idea to get two puppies at the same time? And what should I expect when one dog sadly dies?

Do you have a question for The Dogfather? Send Graeme a voice note and a video of your pesky pooch to talkingdogs@avalonuk.com.



by Avalon Factual