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The Secret Sauce Behind TAXI's Industry Listings [12.06.21]


Many of TAXI's most successful members attribute at least a portion of their success to how carefully they read our Industry Listings. Very few people know how much craft goes into writing the Listings. The goals are: 1)To give each and every one of our members the highest probability of making a great submission. 2) Giving the A&R team members accurate and bountiful information to use when they do their job. 3) To ensure that the people and companies who trust TAXI to find them great music sign it or license it. For the first time ever, we're going to reveal the entire process β€” some might call it TAXI's "Secret Sauce" β€” that goes into writing each Industry Listing you read. TAXI's Briagha Abrahamson will be my guest on the show, and she'll join me in walking you through the entire process of how the initial request for music becomes a road map for making your best submissions. Want an edge? Here it comes!