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The Healing Trauma Podcast

Truth And Repair With Dr Judith L. Herman

The Healing Trauma Podcast
The Healing Trauma Podcast
It has been 30 years since renowned trauma expert and psychraist Dr. Judith L Herman wrote her groundbreaking work TRAUMA AND RECOVERY.  She changed our understanding of trauma.  
Her new book TRUTH AND REPAIR: How Trauma survivors Envision Justice is coming out March 2023
I am so thrilled to be sharing this conversation with you. 
*Note: This is a video podcast episode available through spotify platform. All other platforms are audio only. 
A couple of highlights of the conversation.

 A little bit of history of the development of her groundbreaking work.
What she discovered that lead to the development and concept of Complex PTSD.
" If trauma originates in Injustice, doesn't recovery involve justice?"
Talked about what she found survivors really want most when it comes to justice.

Her book is now available on preorder and release date is March 14, 2023
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*watch on YouTube https://youtu.be/JzAfz1B8eAc
The Healing Trauma Podcast
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