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by BBC Radio 4
The Joe Wicks Podcast

20. Kate Silverton: Getting back to nature


The UK’s favourite fitness coach is back with series two of his podcast. This summer, Joe will be speaking to inspirational friends and some of his favourite people to ask them what they do to keep themselves feeling mentally and physically strong in the face of life’s little challenges. It might be going for a new personal best on the running machine or cosying up with a good book; every guest will share the one thing that works for them in the hope it might inspire you to try something new.

You may know Kate Silverton as a veteran BBC news broadcaster, newsreader and reporter. Or perhaps you may know her as a contestant on Strictly! But you may not know that she's also a qualified child psychologist and training to be a children's counsellor. Her recent book "There's No Such Thing as Naughty" delves into the psychology of the child's mind, and offers tips on understanding what they mean when they're having tantrums or troubles. Joe is a massive fan!

In this chat, Joe and Kate compare notes on parenting, on figuring out what's going on under the hood of their children's brains, and share stories of how hard keeping your cool can be. Kate shares her own struggles becoming a mum in the first place, before having her two 'miracle' children in her 40s. She also shares a bunch of stories from her long career in journalism, from cutting her teeth in the newsroom of BBC Look North, to reporting on the front lines of Afghanistan and Iraq.

This is sunshine in a podcast. Joe Wicks is here for you, and he won’t stop until you’re fit and happy.

Producer: Emily Knight
Editor: Dimitri Houtart
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by BBC Radio 4