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by Nextlander
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Episode Otho


This week we cover California's lawsuit against Blizzard for widespread discrimination and harassment, then move on to the Dead Space remake, Battlefield Portal, a spate of PS5 sales numbers, and hands-on time with Neo: The World Ends With You, Pokemon Unite, Old World, and the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.


00:00:10 Intro
00:00:56 You know, Otto, from Beetlejuice
00:01:28 Nobody talks about A Fish Called Wanda
00:02:42 Did you know there was a Beetlejuice sequel?
00:04:41 Recasting Beetlejuice?
00:05:40 Give Keaton an Oscar, cowards
00:08:16 Welcome to our movie podcast?
00:09:47 We Keatin'?
00:09:58 Show rundown for today
00:10:39 Activision Blizzard lawsuit news. This segment contains mentions of sexual harassment, toxic behavior, and suicide.
00:36:22 EA Play
00:37:54 Lost in Random. Scheduled Sept 09th 2021 release
00:39:18 Grid Legends. Scheduled 2022 release
00:41:15 Apex Legends new season. Launches August 3rd.
00:41:32 Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Portal. Scheduled October 22nd release.
00:50:32 Dead Space remake. No date announced.
01:01:46 PlayStation 5 console and game sales
01:13:16 Break
01:13:29 End of break and time for games and game barks
01:13:59 NEO: The World Ends with You. Released July 27, 2021. PS4 and Switch. PC version planned.
01:34:15 Pokemon Unite. Released July 21, 2021 on Switch. Mobile planned.
01:49:07 Tribes of Midgard. Released July 27, 2021. Steam, PS4, PS5
01:52:37 Microsoft Flight Simulator console edition and PC update. Released July 27, 2021. XBX, XBS
02:00:37 Old World version 1.0. Released July 1, 2021. Epic Game Store.
02:06:23 Recap of the games
02:07:47 Thank yous and wrapping up
02:08:58 Mysterious Benefactor tier shoutouts
02:11:30 Current Nextlander content news and my kids practicing piano breaking through my noise gate
02:13:57 Goodbye!


Episode 8

by Nextlander