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The Nugget Climbing Podcast

Follow-Up: Tim Emmett — Lessons From 80+ Days on Era Vella 9a, and Changing His Diet to Thrive at Age 48 (Teaser)

The Nugget Climbing Podcast
The Nugget Climbing Podcast

This full episode is available for Patrons right now! Tim Emmett is back on the podcast to geek out about his project Era Vella 9a (5.14d). We talked about his Fall 2022 season in Spain, lessons from 80+ days projecting the route, how he changed his diet to feel his healthiest at age 48, discovering his own personal climbing mantra, finding flow state, the value of trying something at your limit, and much more!

Check out Tim's Instagram post about Era Vella

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*The full version is 1:24:37.

*Watch the uncut video interview here!


Tim’s Original Episode:

EP 107: Tim Emmett (Feb 21, 2022)

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