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by Funk Roberts
The Over 40 Alpha Podcast

Episode 65 - Sleep Is A Skill with Mollie McGlocklin


Since when did sleep become a skill? It’s when man’s physiology and the environment turned sleep into a privilege over necessity! Men in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond have so much going for their lives, their careers, and their families, that sleep has slowly taken a backseat. It’s only when health starts to decline that suddenly, a shift is needed to fine-tune this skill and re-establish the key to recovery. Mollie McGlocklin, the creator and lead behavioral change coach for Sleep Is A Skill, joins Funk in this episode to teach the skill of deep sleep and how to rewire the behaviors and lifestyles of today that are causing sleep disturbances.

“Circadian rhythm can become a superpower if we lean into this. So part of our intention with clients is to create a circadian lens by which they view the structure of their day.” —Mollie McGlocklin

In This Episode:
- Discover the skill called “sleep” and how it came to be a new skill essential to life and health.
- Recognize the behaviors and lifestyles that are impacting the body’s natural capacity for recovery.
- What the circadian rhythm is all about and how it plays a role in our state of health, mood, sleeping patterns, and weight changes.
- The 2 key parts that are huge triggers for the circadian rhythm and the way a good, restful sleep is directly connected to the hormones in our body, especially the testosterone.
- Reset your circadian rhythm by designing your day through the circadian lens and how this process is extremely helpful to shift workers.
- 2 frameworks people need to look at that shapes the skill of achieving a deep state of sleep and the things that exist on a spectrum that will help ensure a strong circadian rhythm.

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by Funk Roberts