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by Funk Roberts
The Over 40 Alpha Podcast

Episode 66 - 10 Biggest Men's Health Myths with Carlen Costa


The key to understanding how men can better care for their health and wellbeing is knowing the facts of what they could be doing right and debunking the beliefs that are not serving their best interests. Clinical sexologist, psychotherapist, and orgasm activist Carlen Costa joins Funk in today’s episode to share the real deal about the top 10 myths around men’s health. She aims to help men get back on track in their sexual drive and address prevailing health issues and lifestyles that are giving a dent in their performance.

“The reality is men are more likely to die of cancer and diabetes at a young age because of the reluctance of men to use healthcare.” —Carlen Costa

In This Episode:
- The BIG C which has become a major concern and the main reason for debunking the myths and wrong beliefs most men are doing which are impacting their health.
- Why a men’s penis is a great parameter of their overall health.
Important details men need to pay attention to which are tell-tale signs for prostate cancer and other serious illnesses.
- Lifestyles, beliefs, and practices men are constantly doing that are getting in the way of their own health.
- Why men need to start normalizing having sex in the morning.
- The message that men’s sexual drive could be telling about their heart health.
- Get to know the emotion that is one of the top triggers and a symptom of depression in men.

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by Funk Roberts