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by Lewis Howes
The School of Greatness

The Biggest Myths about Relationships w/DeVon Franklin EP 1106


“Love expands when our capacity to accept each other expands.”

Today's guest is DeVon Franklin, who is an award-winning producer, New York Times best-selling author and renowned motivational speaker committed to inspiring people around the world through entertainment. He’s written a new book called, LIVE FREE: Exceed Your Highest Expectations. DeVon has be on the show a few times, so make sure to visit the show notes if you enjoy this, but each time we sit down, it’s always an incredibly powerful conversation.

In this episode Lewis and DeVon discuss the biggest myths about marriage, the truth about expectations in relationships, the 3 questions you should ask the person you’re dating to know if they are right for you, and so much more!

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by Lewis Howes