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Field Report: Haltech R3 NEXUS - Still Five Devices In ONE, Just Smaller.

Tuned In
Tuned In

CU, PDM, datalogger, oscilloscope and a wideband controller, all in one unit that now fits in your pocket. It's not for your pocket flex game though, so let's take a look at what the NEXUS R3 is aimed at accomplishing for you.

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We've talked about the Haltech NEXUS R5 VCU (vehicle control unit, a fancy term for 'many features in one') before and are excited to see a baby brother at a lower price point soon hitting the market as discussed with Anthony Truong from Haltech.

The R3 uses RadSok power connectors, 1 x Deutsch DTP connector for the PDM side of things, 2 x AMP Superseal 1.0 26-pin connectors, WiFi antenna port & a USB C data connection that we love seeing here as much as we did on the R5 (great for gloved hands on race day!).

So who is this for? Maybe you? If you are running a high performance 4 cylinder with some common bells and whistles like staged injection, the R3 is going to handle this for you along with a V8 setup that has one injector per cylinder and it retains the same functions as the R5 when it comes to advanced tuning options like torque management, nitrous control, race timer, flat shift and closed loop boost control. It does this while also controlling your engine electrics and drive-by-wire throttle system keeping the wiring simple and more affordable depending on how your accountant looks at these things.

This is all controlled via one piece of software, which like the USB C port is a nice touch for ease of use, especially when in a rush at an event or leaving a hand free to grab a beer instead of hovering over Alt+Tab keys.

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