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by Abi & Paige Johnson
A Love Like This

Knowing God More with Pastor Jack Hanes


I’m sure you have heard of God, but do you really know God? Do you trust God? Out of everyone we know, we don’t think there is anyone more perfect to speak on this than the Ps of our very own church, Ps Jack Hanes. Ps Jack moved to Sydney nearly 40 years from Arizona and started our church from scratch. And remember, this was well before church planting was as popular or commoditised as it is now. To make this decision, Ps Jack had to put all the trust he could muster into his faith. He and his wife Ps Carole put faith over everything. In today’s episode, we speak about how you can start putting your own faith and trust in God, the power of retrospect in realising when we did trust in our faith, why it’s important to clear your head from the noise of the world and lastly how we as Christians can be more understanding of people who haven’t yet found their faith. Support this podcast


Episode 53

Season 3

by Abi & Paige Johnson