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Always Cheating: A Fantasy Premier League Podcast (FPL)

Preview of the Second Half of the FPL Season

With the Premier League's nonstop festive fixtures now behind us, it's time to digest what we've learned and establish a plan for the fantasy season's second half. The first big issue is, of course, the departure of key midfielders Mo Salah and Son Heung-min (among many others) to international tournaments. How can we best replace them—and how soon? We size up the favorite options of Saka, Bowen, and Richarlison, plus a few less popular picks, and debate the significance of Arsenal's attacking form, as well as Richarlison's ability to pick up the slack for Spurs in Son's absence. There's also the small matter of Manchester City's inevitable resurgence with the return of Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne. Hail Cheaters!
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Always Cheating: A Fantasy Premier League Podcast (FPL)
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