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by Art & Light Society
At Your Level - for kids by kids



It’s time... for a season finale!

In this timely episode, we explore the concept of time itself.
Meet 10 year olds Madrona, Audrey, Zea, Isla and Claudia and answer Ari’s time-related questions with them. Dig a little deeper on this mind-boggling topic with Tufts University’s Philosophy professor Jody Azzouni. We’ll also have time for Bad Dad, biZaRrE ASMR, Nerd Out and a little 'What If World' related bonus.

Cover art by Audrey Walters and Madrona Spaly.

Our esteemed guest:
Professor Jody Azzouni of Tufts University

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Mentioned in the Nerd Out:
The Development of Clocks and Watches Over Time on Thoughtco.com


Episode 12

Season 1

by Art & Light Society