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Audioish Podcast The Beginner Audiophile Journey Learning about streaming music, headphones, cables and more

Audioish Podcast Episode 2 - Mike and Pete Discuss Tidal, Headphones, Dragonfly, Audiophile Gear and More


In this episode Mike and Pete review the Monoprice Monolithe M565C headphones, Tidal music streaming, Pete's use of Spotify and Mike mentions the hi-end headphone cables he's building for Pete to listen to.

The Audioish Podcast is a spin-off of Mike and Pete's other podcast autoish. After the initial four episodes of Autoish, mike and Pete decided to start a beginner audiophile based podcast. It became apparent that Mike's knowledge of Audiophile audio and Pete's interest in learning more that they could bring everyone on the journey of Pete learning about critical listening, master files, audiophile gear, cables, DAC's and so much more.

Future episodes will include new audiophile gear reviews, music reviews, music streaming apps, audio upgrades, recording quality and more. We plan or sharing playlists, trying new gear and reporting back on our findings. Listen in while we embark on this journey down the rabbit hole of the audiophile. #Audioish #audioishpodcast #mikeandpete


Episode 2

Season 1

by Audioish Podcast