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Audioish Podcast Episode 4 - Mike and Pete Discuss Tidal, Philips Fidelio X2Hr Headphones, Dragonfly, Audiophile Gear and Mike's Hi-Res Playlist for Pete


In this episode of the Audioish Podcast Mike discusses the playlist he created for Pete on tidal. Not only the tracks like Pearl Jam's Dance of the Clairvoyants and Norah Jones but the reasons why he picked these tracks for Pete. In a future episode Mike will ask Pete what he thought of the playlist and what he learned about audiophile music in general.

Pete talks about why he ordered his own pair of Philips Fidelio X2HR's headphones and touches on the playlist he made for Mike. Pete also touches on why he left Spotify for Tidal. Pete was been a big fan of Spotify until Mike made him sign up for a 30 day free trial. See those free trials actually do work :)

In a future episode Mike and Pete will dive into the Dragonfly Black and Red.

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Episode 4

Season 1

by Audioish Podcast