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by Fenton Lutunatabua
Beyond the Narrative

Episode 6: Be Everything with Joseph Zane Sikulu


I’m so excited to share this next episode featuring the incomparable Joseph Zane Sikulu. I’m lucky enough to have gotten to work with him for the past couple years doing climate organizing with the Pacific Climate Warriors. He's an ongoing example of how to strongly hold all the pieces of your life, and step into your whole self. One of the topics we dive into during this episode is how Pacific peoples already hold so much deep knowledge around organizing. Joe explains his family’s story of moving from Tonga to Australia, and how growing up he witnessed how activism has been part of his community for a long time. We are both passionate about unshackling any self doubt that young Islanders have about their space in the climate movement. We want others to know how to use the natural skills they've been taught by their elders and build something beautiful.


Episode 6

Season 2

by Fenton Lutunatabua