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by David V. Kimball
Beyond Tweeting

Ep. 018 - From Web Marketer to Professional YouTuber


We get to hear the story of the man behind the SwankyBox YouTube channel, Bradley Burke, about how he went from doing what he liked, to what he loved. Today's Topic: Today we have Bradley Burke here who's done a ton of work with video and he's a geek like me. Welcome to the show, Brad! So tell us a bit about who you are and what you've been up to lately. How did you know making videos was your thing? When did it start? At what point did you decide doing freelance work and a YouTube channel provided sustainable enough income to do it full time? How did you decide on the subject matter of your videos? You seem to respond to many comments on your videos! What is your reason for this? Do you ever upload something that you expect to get a lot of hits and doesn't? Does the opposite also happen? What role does nostalgia play in your inspiration for videos and your target audience? Where are you planning on going with your channel next? What audio and video equipment do you use? What video editing software did you use, and how long did it take you to be proficient in it? What are your top 5 favorite games of all time? Best era for games? Favorite game music? #AskDavidV: What is your favorite beverage? Social network of the day: Backloggery Web: http://backloggery.com iOS: N/A Android: N/A Windows: N/A App Graveyard: OhLife! Immature Impersonations: Conker the Squirrel



by David V. Kimball