Broken Pokes

Broken Pokes, Episode 4


Download This week we talk about Texas Rangers Opening Day, Jimmy Rollins gum chewing habit, Butt Spanking Elf Goblins, WASD doesn’t like BOB Scheppers, Alex Rios takes flight, Michael Young is spotted in the stands eating a Beltre Buster with a side of Yu Dog, Greg Popovich and his San Antonio Spurs, the Mavs chances in the NBA Playoffs, True Detective, what everyone is drinking, Michigan basketball, March Madness, UA riots, methamphetamine, Ray Rice ain’t nuttin nice, Miguel Cabrera’s monster contract, money in sports, closing notes and the Apology of the Week. Starring: ‘Dandy’ David Colby, Darius ‘WASD’ Keel, Chris ‘Yeti’ Scribner and Brien ‘Ralph Malph’ Sublette. This week’s music: Jason Kidd “What the Kidd Did” Questions or comments for the show: