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by Des Pfiefer
Brunch with Desb Podcast

Karing For PostPartum / Q&A with RN, Karrie Locher (Ep. 44)


Becoming a mother last year has given me an entirely different perspective on the entire process and I found a GEM of a woman I wanted to bring on here and share her expertise and insight with you. Karrie Locher is an incredible woman but just a badass content creator as well (you'll hear me hype her up multiple times about her IG feed) and we're here today to answer all of your submitted questions.

Time Stamps:

(0:00) Karrie Intro

(4:17) Karrie’s Story and Nursing

(8:00) First Hospital Karrie Worked At

(10:50) Karrie’s Course

(14:56) Postpartum or Other Psychological Symptoms?

(25:37) Nipple Shields

(30:15) Pumping

(40:20) Prepartum Phase

(43:45) Aftermath of Vaginal and C Section

(52:08) Advice to New Moms and Moms of Multiples

(56:03) Where to Find Karrie

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Meet Karrie Locher:

“I am Karrie-- a Postpartum + Nursery RN for the past 8 years! I work with mamas and babies right after delivery. I am also a mama to 3 young babes all 4 and under. I saw a lack of education about the postpartum period and actually getting home with your baby. I saw this void and wanted to work to fill it-- because mamas DESERVE that!”

You can her ob at @karrie_locher on IG, where she has TONS of free info in her highlights, stories + posts!

She has also curated more in depth courses for education + preparing for bringing home baby + breastfeeding here:

Bringing Home Baby: https://www.karingforpostpartum.com/courses#courses-bringing-home-baby

- Guides you all the way from simple tasks like newborn baths, diaper changes, swaddling and feedings to more complex aspects like reflux, calming your fussy baby in 5 quick steps, building a routine with your baby, going out with your baby, introducing siblings, partners, gassy baby and more! All videos with KFP mamas showing these steps in action with a PDF outline of the entire course!

Conquering Breastfeeding: https://www.karingforpostpartum.com/courses#courses-early-weeks-of-breastfeeding

- Walks you through the logistics of breastfeeding, with tips and tricks mixed in! We even added an entire "breastfeeding glossary" with PDFs walking you through common "hurdles" many mamas come across with breastfeeding!

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by Des Pfiefer