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Cloud Do You Do?

Jiří Maňas: Is the future of IT in serverless, no-code or in orbit data centre?

Cloud Do You Do?
Cloud Do You Do?
Jiri Manas is an innovative IT guy, disruptive and inspirational team leader, longevity enthusiast, CTO at Tesco CE and ex-CIO in Home Credit Vietnam. He speaks about disrupt leadership in IT, discovering the potential of a human body with technology, possibilities of blockchain, and about the best way how to implement new technologies and tools in big corporations. We are Revolgy - a global cloud partner. Our cloud engineers and
architects provide professional and managed services for your projects
on GCP and AWS. In a nutshell, we help to make life digital-native
companies, SMBs and corporates in the cloud easier. Check our website
revolgy.com for more information.

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Cloud Do You Do?
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