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by Controller Disconnected
Controller Disconnected

After the Meme is Gone: Playing Goat Simulator in the Year 2020


After missing the boat for nearly six years, Matt finally played Goat Simulator and saw for himself what drew people to this virtual caprine

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Transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10fTz3t7TE9U_jXLGVJL13tJ3J93UXshrKq7I8Kn4CVk/edit?usp=sharing

Intro and outro music by Joseph McDade: https://josephmcdade.com

Intro - 0:00

Joke turned real game - 1:13

Peak goat simulation - 2:53

Mutators and other extras - 6:20

Conclusion - 8:49

Outro - 9:38


Episode 6

by Controller Disconnected