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by Tammy Hawkins
Controversial Figures

Episode 8: Lance Armstrong Part 2 (Doping Boogaloo)


As we discussed in the previous episode of Controversial Figures, American Lance Armstrong had just announced his 2nd retirement in 2011 at the age of 33. This was after winning a record breaking seven consecutive Tour de France races as a recent cancer survivor, and having only recently returned from his previous retirement. It was a shock that such a talented and successful athlete would suddenly announce his retirement.

But the revelations that would occur soon after Lance's retirement would be even more shocking. And would explain his abrupt departure.

Today, if you look at Lance Armstrong's Wikipedia page, under Career Achievements, there is a hidden section labeled "Voided results from August 1998 onward". When the hidden section is expanded, it shows the more than 40 professional cycling races Lance Armstrong no longer has credited to his name. Let's get into what lead to Lance losing all of his achievements from 1998 to 2010 and his complete ban from the sport of cycling on part 2 of the Lance Armstrong episode today on the Controversial Figures Podcast.

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by Tammy Hawkins