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by Ekeesit Emmanuel
Convos With Ekeesit

Learning about the Justice centers Uganda With Joan Agumenaitwe.


In this Episode, i have a convesation with Joan Agumenaitwe an advocate of the law and Human rights lawyer attached to the Justice centers Uganda , Branch In Hoima. 

We speak about what the Justice centers do in Uganda and how it helps various people in our communities access quality and timely Justice . She explains to me how they help vulnerable communities. This episode is meant to help us open our minds on how we can change our communities and Joan is doing this great work, she challenges me and all of us to stand up and learn how the law can protect us , and how we can direct those who cannot afford legal address where to find it. i live you with this quote by Joan "Those who prosecute others use FEAR and they do it because they know that those they persecute do not know the law" Enjoy



by Ekeesit Emmanuel