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CRC London - Pastor Thabo Marais

7 Seasons to more than Enough


Living a life of More Than Enough is a deep desire of many of God’s children. However, there is a process that God takes us through, so that we may cultivate a heart of compassion and resist the nature of instant gratification. From identifying needs around us, to accepting and believing that we are blessed, God prepares His willing children for a journey to the More Than Enough; He teaches and reminds us to bless, break and give, even in our most desperate seasons, so that we may step into the season of More Than Enough in every area of our lives. In this sermon Pastor Thabo Marais shares the seven stages of living in the More Than Enough that God has for us. As we progress from one stage to another, God molds us into who He has created us to be; children who are indeed created to live in the season of More Than Enough.