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Disappearance at Indiana University: Lauren Spierer (Part 3)


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“It is shocking that someone so loved could vanish without a trace, but entirely possible. It did happen and ten years later I still struggle. The space that once held hopes and dreams for Lauren will never heal. It is replaced by an ache fueled by the not knowing”. Those were the words Charlene Spierer wrote on the ten year anniversary of the disappearance of her daughter Lauren. When Lauren’s parents dropped their daughter off at Indiana University in the Fall 2009 for the start of her freshman semester, they had felt she would be safe to learn and grow and then she would come back home, ready for the next chapter in her life. But Lauren never came back home, and to this day, ten years later, no one has any idea where Lauren Spierer is, but her parents and many others believe that there is someone, or more than one someone, who does know more than they’re saying, and who could help bring the Spierer family some closure.
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Episode 36

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