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by The Drag Audio Production House

Introducing: Season Two


While just seniors in college, Haley Butler and Tinu Thomas started work on The Orange Tree, a seven-episode podcast about the life and tragic death of a young woman who was killed near the University of Texas. So many of you listened to and appreciated the work of The Drag Audio Production House that we decided to make a new season based on a completely different case. In season two, Ashley Miznazi examines a series of crimes that put the city of Austin on edge in the spring of 2018. And we have more true-crime seasons that we’ve started working on as well, so we have decided to make The Orange Tree season one of a new multi-season podcast that we’re calling "Darkness." Here’s a preview of the second season of Darkness, which is coming Tuesday, November 2.

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Season 2

by The Drag Audio Production House