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Gahl Sasson - Get To Know Your Angels


Guess who's back?! Our favorite astrologer, Gahl Sasson, is back to chat with us about Angels. Gahl is a wealth of knowledge and we don't know about you but we could listen to him talk all day long. If you don't know Gahl, he is a world renowned teacher, author, astrologer who is well versed in Kabbalah, Astrology, Religion, History and so much more. We were thrilled to have him come back on to help us understand a bit more about Angels and he does not disappoint. In this episode we learn about the origin of angels, when they first showed up in the Bible, how they have been popularized and their appearance has changed over the years, and how they are actually an extension of the aspect of oneness. Gahl gives us practical tips on how to work with them, how to call them in, and debunks many of the ideas we've been programmed to think about Angels. If you feel called to go deeper into the study of Angels, Guardian Angels Archangels, Superheros, and more - then we are very pleased to announce Gahl will be doing a special workshop on all of those topics on April 11th @ 5pm PST. Please use the link below to sign up and secure your spot! This episode is just scratching the surface. We hope to see you there!

Join Gahl for his workshop on Angels on April 11th @ 5pm PST - https://www.union.fit/events/the-den-meditation-workshop-angels-guardian-angels-archangels-and-superheroes/performances/7g7egwry

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Episode 161

by DEN Meditation