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Tracee Stanley - Time for Radiant Rest


Includes Moon Nectar Yoga Nidra practice.

We are honored to have the effortlessly brilliant, Tracee Stanley, with us again on DENtalks Podcast to discuss her new book " Radiant Rest !" Tracee is a lineaged teacher with twenty years of study and practice in the Himalayan Tradition, Tantra, and Sri Vidya. She is a former Hollywood filmmaker who was seeking more balance in the demanding world of movie making and after being introduced to Yoga Nidra in 2001, Tracee immediately recognized it as a healing salve for the world. Tracee is now a well respected Yoga Nidra teacher, mentor, entrepreneur, and now author of her new book "Radiant Rest." In this episode Tracee shares with us why she wanted to write this book, how Radiant Rest is a book for everyone - the teacher and the householder, how Yoga Nidra is NOT a nap, ways we can weave our practice into our every day life, how she used Yoga Nidra to tap into more creativity when writing Radiant Rest, the illusion of the waking world and how the transition we are currently in with waiting for COVID-19 to be over relates to the transition in Yoga Nidra. Tracee offers us so much wisdom in this episode. It doesn't matter if you have ever tried Yoga Nidra, if you are interested in Yoga Nidra or if you have no clue what Yoga Nidra is - this episode will benefit everyone. Tracee is truly that magical.

As a gift to all of our listeners, Tracee so kindly is offering a 30% off discount off her new book "Radiant Rest" which is now on pre-order from the publisher's site with the code RR30 until 3/31/31 at https://www.shambhala.com/radiant-rest.html.

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Episode 158

by DEN Meditation