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DevOps on AWS Radio

Ep. 27 Mutato and Open Source at Stelligent


Scott Alexander (@salexpdx)
Shaug Evans (@ohshaughnessy)

Episode Timeline
01:08 What Is happening with the podcast
03:35 Michael Neil interview
18:30 Open Source at Mphasis Stelligent
21:15 Recent Blog Post
31:45 Closing Contact Information

Relevant Links
Mutato open-source framework for building containerized micro-services on the AWS ecosystem 

Mu: Open source framework in go for deployment pipelines

Building Developer Sandboxes with Attribute Based Access Control

IAM Complexity blog post

Blog posts about remote work

Podcast Details:
What Is happening with the podcast - The podcast has new hosts and a tweaked format to make it more useful to our listener. The interview is now at the front of the podcast and the news and discussion is the second half of the recording.
Michael Neil interview - Stelligent’s newest open source project Mutato (pronounced muh-tah-toe) joins the podcast to talk about the project. It is an open-source framework for building containerized micro-services on the AWS ecosystem. The project handles many of the details for new AWS users to get containers deployed to ECS and EKS quicker.
Open Source at Mphasis Stelligent - In addition to our projects, we also publish source code that supports our blog posts. One recent blog post is Eric Kascic’s “Thought experiment - Complexity metrics for IAM Policy documents”. In addition to the blog post, he wrote code that implements his idea and the repository is public for anyone to see.
Recent Blog Post - Several other recent blog posts are discussed including the recent series of articles about working remotely, Scott Nixon’s Building developer sandboxes with Attribute Based Access Control is discussed for teams that may have to share an AWS account and for the opening look into identification documents and their history.
Closing Contact Information - On Twitter, You can find Shaug Evans @ohshaughnessy and Scott Alexander @salexpdx, For more information about Mphasis Stelligent, visit https://stelligent.com

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