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by Kevin She / Scott Jensen
Digital to Foot Traffic - Online Marketing Guide for Retail Stores

Blockchain and Application to SMEs and Retailers


Maziar Sadri is the chief product officer of Unification, the first protocol to integrate existing user bases into blockchain technology, creating a user-controlled open data marketplace. Mazi led 3 products to leadership positions in their category, including Answers, Messenger, and the Yahoo!

During this episode, Maziar will share how the new generation of Blockchain is changing the world. He will focus on how Unification is brining blockchain to brick and mortar stores. Listen to the end for insight on how this technology can change how enterprises sell and exchange customer data.


Time Stamps: 01:31 - Maziar background and passion 05:19 - Machine learning and adjust to the market 09:12 - What is blockchain 11:44 - Paying a client in Bitcoin and selling it low 14:57 - Accountability and transactions with smart contracts 17:05 - A new generation of currency that is changing the world 26:12 - Bringing blockchain to brick and mortar stores 31:17 - How much does it cost for this service 32:16 - Selling and exchanging customer data

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Episode 19

by Kevin She / Scott Jensen