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by Kevin She / Scott Jensen
Digital to Foot Traffic - Online Marketing Guide for Retail Stores

Google vs. Facebook Ads with Tina G


Tina G is the founder of Pandasia Digital, a performance and data-driven Digital Marketing agency based in Hong Kong helping companies grow online. She is a former Google and Facebook employee with seven years of experience in Digital Marketing.

On this episode, Tina explains the basic functions of digital marketing agencies. She discusses the difference between Google and Facebook Ads in effectively converting digital customers to retail stores. She also gives tips for brick-and-mortar store owners on how to compete with online retailers.



Time Stamps:

00:39 – Tina’s new agency

02:13 – Agencies in Asia vs. the U.S.

04:02 – How she helps people decide between Facebook and Google

07:27 – Examples of using the two platforms in promotion

11:33 – Google inflation

13:21 – Why agencies exist?

14:24 – Frustrations in Asian agencies

20:22 – Advancements in Facebook and Google

26:45 – Competing with online retailers

29:34 – Google and Facebook competing in the market

32:42 – Facebook or Youtube?

35:28 – Future of Tina’s agency

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Episode 10

by Kevin She / Scott Jensen