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by Pandora Sykes
Doing It Right with Pandora Sykes

Could a 4-day week ever work? with Alex Pang


Alex Pang is a futurist and tech consultant who has spent twenty years studying our relationship with work. In Shorter, he argues that you get more done, when you work less. We discuss the problem with open-plan working, why 90% of meetings are an absolute waste of time and how a 4 day week (which means, yup, a 3 day weekend) could be better for the climate, the economy and public health.

Buy Shorter here https://www.hive.co.uk/Product/Alex-Soojung-Kim-Pang/Shorter--How-Working-Less-Will-Revolutionise-the-Way-your/24502730


Episode 3

Season 2

by Pandora Sykes