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by Douglas Jacoby
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Proverbs: Chapter 9


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Salient points:

  • Multiple voices vie for our attention.
  • Wisdom calls us to a banquet. Think about how this connects with Luke 14 (the Parable of the Great Banquet) and Matthew 22 (the Parable of the Wedding Banquet).
  • There is little point in correcting the mocker / fool / wicked, but the wise will always benefit from input (9:9).
  • Here we meet the third of the four key women in Proverbs. She is Folly.
  • We must learn to listen critically, lest she influence us. Christians should be well trained to see through deceptive advertising, and to teach their children to see through the misleading messages of the world.

Daily challenge: To listen critically and to welcome criticism.

Tomorrow: Proverbs 10.


Episode 10

Season 5

by Douglas Jacoby