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by Christopher Kinney
Ecovillage Library

Eco Village Voice (with Michael Ney)


Interview guest: Michael Ney, editor of Eco Village Voice (description below) // Contact: michael@ecovillagevoice.com Guest Links: Eco Village Voice: https://ecovillagevoice.com/ Crystal Waters Documentary: https://bit.ly/cwdoco01 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Signup with Ecovillage Library at: ecovillagelibrary.org  If you'd like to donate to Ecovillage Library, follow the link: paypal.me/ecovillagelibrary or you can also support the Ecovillage Library Podcast on Patreon here. Musical credit: Michael Kinney at instagram and YouTube ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After attending a Rudolf Steiner high school in Sydney, Michael began his professional life with backstage theatre work - soon specialising in lighting design. After several years working in various theatres and a course in television production, he later branched out into stills photography and was a regular contributor at Nature & Health and also Simply Living magazines. In the 1980's ... before the arrival of computers, he also worked in television production, ran his own commercial photography studio, and created audio-visuals. Over the past 3 decades Michael Ney has successfully produced many creative projects, including documentaries, corporate videos and also multimedia CD-ROMs, websites and multimedia theatre. Now, he recently completed a year's work on a documentary about Crystal Waters Ecovillage, where he lives and is starting a new online publishing venture called Eco Village Voice. Eco Village Voice is an online community with a quarterly magazine including free preview articles, an integrated video channel, podcasts, webinars, and forums for ecovillages and intentional communities. You may purchase Issue #1 here - https://gumroad.com/l/mobwC - it's $4.99 AUD. You may like to sign up to the free monthly newsletters: https://ecovillagevoice.com/newsletters.htm Along with new podcasts, Issue # 2 will be released mid May and webinars coming in June. Being a paid member of the online community has many benefits. See various options at: https://ecovillagevoice.com/ecovillagevoice-signup

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by Christopher Kinney