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by Georgiana Gitschuk
Employer Branding: The Inside Podcast

The Inside Podcast Ep. 9 | When is it too early for company culture? With Jenny Boldt @Bitkom


When should startups define their company culture? In Ep. 9 of The Inside Podcast, you’ll be listening to Jenny Boldt, Head of Startups at Bitkom. Jenny has shared with us her personal take on building a company culture. Tune in to learn more about what makes a startup successful.

What you’ll learn by listening

  • Why letting people that don’t fit the company culture go is the best (but hardest) decision founders should take

  • Three most common mistakes startups do when it comes to company culture

  • Three examples of companies that are doing an amazing job at building a strong company culture

  • What makes a successful startup: team or product?

  • Insightful tips to a healthy company culture


Episode 9

Season 1

by Georgiana Gitschuk